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Building work is well underway and rapid progress is being made at Shree Kharikhola Secondary School in the village of Kharikhola in the Solukumbu region of Nepal. This exciting project will provide a specialist Early Years centre which will make a big difference to the youngest children and the wider community of Kharikhola.

Kharikola 4 Kharikola 3  


Thanks to help from the local community, demolition work of the old, inadequate school building has been completed and local building materials have been gathered.  This has allowed for the team of labourers to prepare the ground and lay the foundations.  Exemplarily construction techniques are being used to ensure the build is of an Earthquake resistant standard. Reinforced cement concrete and strong columns have been put in place to provide great strength and durability.

Once completed, the centre will provide 4 classrooms, designed specifically for child centred learning and the ambitious completion date is set for March 2018!

Collage for news update Jan 2018 2

The project has had huge support from the Cheshire Fire Apprentices who have been working tirelessly to fundraise, click here to read more

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FIRST PHOTO training Soroptimists update

Thanks to the support from the Soroptimist International’s Educate to Lead Campaign, we have been able to implement training and guidance with a strong focus on developing the skills of CITC supported female teachers and providing dedicated assistance to girls in education. The ‘Inspire’ programme has got off to a great start.


In April, we were able to deliver specialist ECED teacher training at Shree Lukla Secondary School, provided by CITCNepal, in partnership with Devina Pradhanang, lead specialist in Nepal in ECED development. This has enabled CITC sponsored teachers to facilitate valuable teaching and learning experiences for children in Nepal. The sessions included practical activities, highlighting the value of a child-centred hands on approach to learning. 
 April ECED training 2017 no 2
Mestrual health Sept 2017 no 1
Following on from the Autumn 2016 training, September 2017 CITC provided First Aid and Menstrual Health workshops at Shree Sagarmatha Secondary School in the village of Bung.
117 girls received Days for Girls Health, Training (Menstrual Health and Hygiene) including management of reusable menstrual health kits. The kits will soon be locally sourced with the added benefit of providing income for locals and creating longer term benefits through a sustainable cottage-type industry.
In October students, female teachers and parents were enjoying joining in with 'Make Your Own Menstrual Kit' Training in Bakhapalam Secondary School, Sotang organised by Classrooms In the Clouds Nepal and supporting partner Days For Girls. It was great to see the girls so enthused about the difference the kits would make to them.  We will be continuing our menstrual health training next year and will be welcoming volunteers the North West Girl Guides as part of their visit to Nepal. Menstrual health training October 2017 MAKING KITS

ECED training Nov 17 no 5

November 2017 saw team building and problem solving workshops in the village of Kangel and further ECED training led by Devina Pradhanang. These sessions were attended by 20 women teachers, passionate about their duty as inspirational role models for the next generation. 
Through ongoing focussed training, we will be able to provide a learning environment to empower women and girls to break the cycle of poverty and reach their learning potential.


Inspire Programme info

The last few months have been busy for the apprentices as they have been working hard to continue fundraising for CITC. 

Apprentices November 2017

They are heading out to Nepal in April 2018 and all money raised will go towards the building of a much needed Early Years Centre in Kharikhola, a remote Nepalese village near Lukla. The build will be to an earthquake resistant standard and will provide gender specific toliets as well as specialist early years learning resources.  This provision will provide strong foundations for learning, enabling the youngest children in the village access to an education.

The ongoing dedication shown by the appentices for the project is incredible and their support will help to make a huge difference to the whole community of Kharikhola.


Click here for to see their latest fundraising achievements

CITCNepal are delighted to announce that 6 new classrooms at Shree Jeevan Jyoti Higher Secondary School in the remote Nepalese village of Kangel are now open!

 Completed classrooms

The Cheshire and London Fire Cadets have been working tirelessly over the last 2 years to raise money to support this much needed project and have spent the last 2 weeks working hard in Nepal. They have overcome challenges including plane delays, heavy rain and trekking through difficult, mountainous terrain.

Cadets trekkingdecorating

Nevertheless, they have remained in high spirits are were keen to get stuck into painting and decorating, tidying and cleaning once they arrived at the school. The opening of the classrooms was a cause for great celebration and the local villagers made the Cadets very welcome with singing and dancing. Click here to read the Cadet's blog of the trip


dancing Mural Plaque

The build has attracted many admiring comments and is a unique and wonderful beacon for the local community.  The exemplary standard of the construction is evident and is a credit to the construction team who have worked through extraordinarily difficult conditions brought on by a particularly heavy monsoon season.  It will make a huge difference to the children of Kangel who, since the 2015 Earthquakes have been studying in inadequate, temporary shelters that are prone to overheating in the hot Nepalese sun and leaking during the monsoons. The new earthquake resistant classrooms will provide a fantastic learning environment where the children can be inspired to succeed in their education.Picture Row

CITC is committed to raising standards for the children of Kangel and the 2018 phase of the project will include further facilities including clean running water and gender specific toilets. We look forward to sharing more updates in due course.




Kangel Oct Cadets update 4

Good luck to the Cheshire and London Fire Cadets who are setting off to Nepal to help the students of Kangel! 


CITCNepal has been working with the Cheshire Fire Cadets, who are being partnered by the London Fire Cadets to raise the funds needed to support the project.

Over the last 2 years, the cadets have worked hard to raise money to build 6 new much needed earthquake resistant classrooms in the village of Kangel. 

Old building


Shree Jeevan Jyoti Higher Secondary School sustained severe and devastating damage due to the 2015 Earthquakes.  Since that time children have been studying in inadequate, temporary shelters that are prone to overheating in the hot Nepalese sun and leaking during the monsoon season.  This disruption to the learning environment is extremely challenging for the children and teachers.

Map of Kangel

The cadets will fly into Kathmandu and from there they will embark on a four and a half day trek over the mountainous Himalayan terrain to reach Kangel.


They will assist with the final stage of the build and will attend the opening ceremony.  This will celebrate the innovative 2 storey build which will ultimately include a filtered water system which will provide clean drinking water and gender specific toilets.Design

CITC is proud to be a leader in exemplary construction work and the high standard of the build is clear to see.

The construction team has worked hard to overcome challenges, brought by this year’s particularly heavy monsoon season.


Picture RowWe look forward to sharing updates from the trip!